Wind power,
day and night.

Be independent,
wind has your back.

Catch pure energy
from the wind.

Wind turbines - this is worth knowing

Learn about the design and operating principles of FALCON turbines, their important features and strengths, and their wide range of uses.

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What is the profit for the investor?

Installing a FALCON turbine guarantees a number of very important benefits - first and foremost, money savings and energy independence. What else will you gain by investing in the purchase of a turbine?

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Clearing up some doubts

Home wind turbines are still a new and rapidly developing field of ecoenergy. Learn the answers to the most common questions here.

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Installation, formalities, permits

What are the rules for the installation of FALCON turbines, what should guide its selection and where are the most convenient places for its foundation? Also, get acquainted with possible necessary formalities.

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