Clearing up some doubts

  1. Is it beneficial to install a domestic turbine?
    The electricity that the home turbine generates is obtained from the free energy that the wind gives us. Our cost is only the one-time expense of the turbine and its installation. From the moment we start using the windmill, our bills for grid electricity will be much smaller, and after about 7-8 years the total cost incurred for the purchase and installation of the turbine pays off - later the turbine generates only pure profit for us!
  2. Is a home wind turbine loud?
    FALCON turbines are very quiet - it is a modern turbine designed in a way that the sound produced by it is comparable only to the rustle of leaves in the wind. At a distance of about 15-20 m from it, it becomes completely inaudible and mixes with other noises around us (the noise of the wind, cars passing in the distance, working appliances, etc.) It is worth pointing out that wind turbines operating on large wind farms are incomparably louder, and this should not be suggested at all when considering the purchase of a FALCON home turbine.
  3. Is it true that any windmill causes the so-called flickering shadow (strobe) effect? Concerns about this effect on home turbines are completely unfounded (they are simply a so-called myth). The blades of such a turbine rotate too slowly to cause the flicker phenomenon.
  4. Are small turbines dangerous to birds?
    Small, domestic turbines pose absolutely no danger to birds - a single, undersized turbine with a small spread of wings is simply avoided by a bird without a problem, having plenty of space around to perform this "maneuver". As is the case with all kinds of tall poles or, for example, electric traction, where its pillars stand at a regular distance from each other and there is no talk of any danger to birds. Birds, on the other hand, unfortunately, are often killed or injured by hitting the glass of buildings invisible to them or in collisions with vehicles. The problem in some percentage may concern only large wind farms, where many turbines with very long wings stand relatively close to each other in a large area. Although in this area, the systems that monitor the flight of birds circling near the turbines are also already being developed, and in the event of a real threat the system shuts down the engine of the device.
  5. Turbines vs. electromagnetic radiation - the emission of this radiation is lower than for domestic equipment.
    Any device that generates a flow of electricity produces an elecromagnetic field including those that are very close to us all the time in homes or offices. Windmills, on the other hand, are located at a great distance from the places where we are.
  6. . I want to install a domestic turbine myself. Is it possible and is it complicated?
    Yes, of course it is possible - for details see the section "Installation. Formalities. Permits.”
  7. Is it possible to get a financial subsidy for the purchase of a turbine?
    There are already several programs in Poland allowing subsidies for investments in renewable energy sources, and more are planned ("Moje Ciepło", "Mój Prąd", "Czyste Powietrze"). The "Energia dla Wsi" program is a subsidy for rural residents to invest in photovoltaics and wind turbines - the call is continuous and started in January 2023. Subsidies will be available for up to 100% of eligible costs.
  8. Can I combine a domestic turbine with an existing photovoltaic or install them simultaneously?
    A wind turbine is a great stand-alone source of energy for a building, but it is also an excellent complement to photovoltaics. And this is by far the most advantageous solution - the combination of these two technologies. FALCON wind turbines offer the possibility to combine them with solar panels. Poland is often covered by clouds throughout the year, while the wind blows just as often, 24 hours a day, and intensifies in the evening and at night. And then the wind power station produces free electricity for us constantly! On the other hand, solar panels, even after a cloudless day, then finish their work without generating any more energy. And that is why these two systems complement each other perfectly and improve the energy balance of the building in a very significant way. The condition for the operation of such a modern and efficient system is only to have 2 suitable and independent inverters for these devices.
  9. Which is better - a wind turbine or photovoltaic panels?
    Far more energy, especially in Polish weather conditions, is provided by wind turbines (according to a report by the Polish Electricity Transmission and Distribution Society for 2021). Turbines allow for 2-3 times more power production than photovoltaics. On the other hand, when combined with photovoltaics, as much as 10 times more energy is obtained than with panels alone (see answer to question #7). Both panels and wind turbines are made of durable and robust materials, but photovoltaic panels are quite sensitive to extreme weather conditions - hail, freezing water on the surface of the panels, extremely high temperatures... While FALCON wind turbines, made of high quality steel, are very resistant even to extreme weather conditions. Of course, both panels and windmills (like any mechanical device) should be serviced on an ongoing basis to operate efficiently and for a long time.
  10. Can the purchase of a wind turbine for a company be treated as an expense?
    Yes, of course.
  11. Can I lease a wind turbine?
    Yes, a wind turbine can be leased.
  12. Is it possible to buy a turbine on an installment plan?
    Yes, the FALCON turbine can be purchased on an installment plan (please contact us).

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