FALCON`s Silent series of wind turbines generate electricity at 240V. This allows them to be easily connected to a home installation (in the same way we connect typical photovoltaics to our grid). The only thing to remember is that in order to connect the wind turbine you need a different inverter, designed for FALCON wind turbines and matched from their power.

All FALCON Silent turbines operate very quietly - the noise level does not exceed that of our natural surroundings.

As we know, solar panels work effectively only on a sunny or slightly cloudy day, while a wind turbine produces electricity 24 hours a day. A home wind turbine therefore provides energy independence at any time of the day, all year round.

The FALCON turbine lowers the energy balance of the house, significantly reducing electricity bills, and this will be appreciated by every homeowner.


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We can feed the electricity generated by the FALCON wind turbine into our home grid in two ways:

On-Grid System - connected to the grid

We use the electricity produced by the wind turbine directly for our own needs, powering electrical appliances in the building and the area around it.

If the wind turbine has produced more electricity than we need at any given time, we feed (sell) the excess electricity into the grid, thus lowering our grid electricity bills.

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Off-Grid not connected to the grid

The energy produced by the wind turbine is used on an ongoing basis for our own needs and we can accumulate excess energy in various types of energy accumulators

A simple and not expensive way to accumulate surplus energy is a hot water boiler. In this case, the energy from the turbine powers a heater to heat water, creating an accumulator of energy in the form of hot water. The resulting large amount of hot water can be used to power a washing machine or a dishwasher. This will eliminate the need for these appliances to heat water

Available option in Falcon inverter - water heating.

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It is very important to choose the right place on your property. It should be an unobstructed place, free from obstacles (forest, tall buildings).

We have several mounting options:

on a flat roof - mounting on a Falcon tripod (for turbines of power: 1 kW or 2 kW)

to the side of a building - on a mast, using Falcon arms (turbine powers: 1 kW, 2 kW)

on the ground - to a pole on the foundation (powers of turbines : 1 kW, 2 kW, 3 kW)


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Please make the selection of the appropriate turbine (its power) on the basis of an analysis of the annual power consumption that appears on the bill from the grid energy supplier.

Then we recommend that you do a simple study of the wind conditions with the help of a FALCON weather station, or use the help of our specialists to take such measurements and to discuss the details of installation.


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