Wind turbines - this is worth knowing

1. Renewable energy sources, including wind and the FALCON wind turbines that operate through it, are a field where development is inevitable and very fast. Investors` interest is growing.

2. Among the many reasons for installing a wind turbine at a home, business or farm, the main motives are:

  • independence and energy security
  • minimization of energy acquisition costs and therefore building maintenance costs
  • caring for the environment
  • versatility of the technology - the wind drives the turbine and generates electricity regardless of the season, around the clock. In Poland, the average wind speed creates favorable conditions for very efficient turbine performance almost everywhere.
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FALCON - the domestic, horizontal wind turbine - is made up of a generator, a nacelle containing all the components, turbine wings, a turbine nose, a tail with a ballast, and a mast for the foundation of the whole device.

A wind turbine, working 24 hours a day, generates 3 times more electricity in a year than solar panels. The windmill also works for you at night and on cloudy days, while photovoltaics only work when the sun is shining.

Comparison of a FALCON wind turbine to photovoltaics in terms of annual energy production:

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A wind turbine, working around the clock, uses a nature-given, unlimited wind energy. The kinetic energy of the wind sets the wings in motion and the generator produces electricity. FALCON wind turbines generate 230V or 400V and can operate in systems:

a. On-grid i.e. connected to the power grid - we use the produced energy and can sell the surplus.

b. Off-grid
- we use the energy for our own needs and can accumulate it in off-grid systems, such as batteries or hot water storage tanks.

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Combined with a special inverter, FALCON wind turbines have a number of additional options:

  • a module for connecting a hot water heater,
  • a module for controlling and monitoring energy production through a computer,
  • a Wi-Fi module for mobile devices
The FALCON turbine can be installed to the exterior wall of the building with the original and robust steel arms of the FALCON brand, with a 50cm boom. This boom allows the mast to be mounted to the roof with eaves.


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  1. The high efficiency of FALCON`s SW-series wind turbines - offer maximum electricity production throughout the year, even in average wind conditions.
  2. Very quiet functioning of the generator.
  3. Ability to custom-design the turbine inverter for maximum efficiency of the device.
  4. Robust, cast iron generator case.
  5. FALCON’s lightweight, long wings made of fiberglass that are quickly set into motion even in low winds
  6. Stable and convenient attachment of the turbine to the mast.
  7. Ease of use and service.
  8. High aesthetics and precision of execution.
  9. Eco-friendly - the FALCON wind turbine does not emit any pollution or noise, and uses only a renewable source. We have a significant impact on protecting the environment for us and future generations to live in.
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The FALCON wind turbine turbine is an excellent source of electricity for a very large and diverse group of customers:

  • residential houses
  • farm buildings
  • production and service enterprises
  • public facilities
  • recreational houses

Wind turbines can also, in all facilities, be an excellent complement to photovoltaics, generating electricity regardless of the time of day and the level of sunshine.

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