What is the profit for the investor?

  • Saving money - with the FALCON turbine, we produce electricity and use it to power appliances in our home. In this simple way we definitely minimize the cost of electricity consumption.
  • Ability to increase your financial returns by selling surplus energy to the utility /on-grid/
  • Energy independence in case of emergencies or unpredictable situations in the domestic and global energy industry.
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  • Versatility of the use of the FALCON turbine`s work - powering any household appliances, indoor or outdoor lighting, heating hot water in a boiler (the so-called energy bank), powering security cameras and much more.
  • Being able to supplement the energy balance of already existing or planned photovoltaic installations, which work only during the day and in absolute dependence on the degree of sunshine. The operation of the wind turbine is completely independent of the seasons and time of day.
  • Environmental benefit awareness - thanks to the FALCON turbine, we significantly reduce our need for energy from the grid, which is extracted at great detriment to the planet and our health. We are acting pro-environmentally.
  • Tax reduction – companies that install a FALCON wind turbine can incorporate this into their business expenses, reducing the tax base.
  • Quick return of the investment – with energy prices constantly rising at the same time as the high efficiency rate of wind turbines, a well-located turbine pays for itself after 6-7 years on average.
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